EdgeRouter Lite Performance Tests

Starting with two laptops connected to one ERL each. ERLs both running 1.5.0.

Laptop A <-> ERL <-> ERL <-> Laptop B <-> <-> <->


I’m using OSPF to expose these two networks to each other for this test. See EdgeRouter Lite Simple OSPF Guide

iperf results from one laptop to the other:

 Near wire. Great!

 Next we’ll remove the OSPF routing and setup an IPSec tunnel between the two an retest.

I used the GUI’s IPSec site-to-site feature to set this up. Here’s what it generated:

And the results with IPSec hardware offload disabled.

And with IPSec hardware offload enabled.

Not bad!

However, even with IPSec enabled, load average increases a good bit when pushing max data through the IPSec VPN

Compared to without pushing data

While this didn’t seem to affect the usage of the router, it is a little worrying. I don’t have any firewalls or other services enabled on the router. What happens when we take this into the real world? It’s worth noting that this is a dual core router, so really that’s only 1/4 of total processing power.

EdgeRouter Lite Simple OSPF Guide

Here’s a really simple OSPF setup on two Ubiquiti Edge Router Lites.

Two ERLs hooked together via eth0.

ERL20 <-> ERL10 <->


on ERL20 get into configure and run the following:

on ERL10 get into configure and run the following.

run ‘commit’ on both them, (‘save’ if you want to) and ‘exit’ to prompt.

Now watch ospf work it’s magic.

Now you should have routes