EdgeRouter Lite Performance Tests

Starting with two laptops connected to one ERL each. ERLs both running 1.5.0.

Laptop A <-> ERL <-> ERL <-> Laptop B <-> <-> <->


I’m using OSPF to expose these two networks to each other for this test. See EdgeRouter Lite Simple OSPF Guide

iperf results from one laptop to the other:

 Near wire. Great!

 Next we’ll remove the OSPF routing and setup an IPSec tunnel between the two an retest.

I used the GUI’s IPSec site-to-site feature to set this up. Here’s what it generated:

And the results with IPSec hardware offload disabled.

And with IPSec hardware offload enabled.

Not bad!

However, even with IPSec enabled, load average increases a good bit when pushing max data through the IPSec VPN

Compared to without pushing data

While this didn’t seem to affect the usage of the router, it is a little worrying. I don’t have any firewalls or other services enabled on the router. What happens when we take this into the real world? It’s worth noting that this is a dual core router, so really that’s only 1/4 of total processing power.

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  1. How did you reach those IPsec site-to-site speeds? My 2 ERL never comes close to that and maxes out around 10 Mbps both on IPSec and OpenVPN.

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