EdgeRouter Lite Simple OSPF Guide

Here’s a really simple OSPF setup on two Ubiquiti Edge Router Lites.

Two ERLs hooked together via eth0.

ERL20 <-> ERL10 <->


on ERL20 get into configure and run the following:

on ERL10 get into configure and run the following.

run ‘commit’ on both them, (‘save’ if you want to) and ‘exit’ to prompt.

Now watch ospf work it’s magic.

Now you should have routes


2 thoughts on “EdgeRouter Lite Simple OSPF Guide”

  1. Hi,


    I am trying to connect to edge router pros together in a similar manner.  We want to use one as a firewall and the main gateway to the other router who’s job it will be to connect to our switches and route network traffic.  I have followed your instructions exactly, but cant seem to get it to work.  any ideas?

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