Fish shell and Putty

If you run into some weird characters while using Fish shell from Putty, try changing Putty’s remote character set to UTF-8:

Right Click Putty -> Change Settings -> Window -> Translation -> Remote Character Set -> UTF-8.

Before and after:

jdrews@arch ~> vi /home/jdrews/.config/fish/fish
â¦fish/fish_history  â¦fish/fishd.00155d03510c
jdrews@arch ~> vi /home/jdrews/.config/fish/fish
…fish/fish_history  …fish/fishd.00155d03510c

And if your Home and End keys don’t work, try putting this into your file .

jdrews@arch ~> cat ~/.config/fish/
function fish_user_key_bindings
        bind \e\[1~ beginning-of-line
        bind \e\[3~ delete-char
        bind \e\[4~ end-of-line