Proxmox and Quagga and OSPF

A few quick notes on getting Proxmox running with Quagga routers so they can serve up OSPF routes. I did this with Proxmox 3.1-3 and Quagga

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install quagga
  3.  vi /etc/quagga/daemons
    • turn on zebra and ospfd
  4. cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/vtysh.conf.sample /etc/quagga/vtysh.conf
  5. cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/ospfd.conf.sample /etc/quagga/ospfd.conf
  6. cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/zebra.conf.sample /etc/quagga/zebra.conf
  7. modify above conf files if you want (can leave default)
  8. turn off annoying splash screens in vtysh
    • vi /etc/bash.bashrc
    • export VTYSH_PAGER=more
    • source /etc/bash.bashrc
  9. service quagga restart
  10. vtysh
  11. configure terminal
  12. router ospf
  13. set the ospf id name. Usually set to this machine’s IP (replace <MACHINE_IP> below)
    • router-id <MACHINE_IP>
    • eg router-id
  14. specify networks to route and for what ospf area
    • network <IP>/<CIDR> area <AREA>
    • eg. network area 1
  15. end
  16. copy running-config startup-config
  17. now start watching `show ip route` for the routes to show up from other ospf routers with an O in the front.
    • can also look at `show ip ospf neighbor` to see your ospf neighbors.

Change terminal backgrounds to identify

If you’re like me and start forgetting which terminal is which, try changing their background so it’s easier to tell. Most modern terminals can do this out of the box. In putty (and KiTTY) it’s a simple as: Screenshot_031415_095752_PM

I like to do this on terminals that have critical connections up (like a primary router). So I don’t accidentally type something wrong in there… 🙂