Proxmox and Quagga and OSPF

A few quick notes on getting Proxmox running with Quagga routers so they can serve up OSPF routes. I did this with Proxmox 3.1-3 and Quagga

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install quagga
  3.  vi /etc/quagga/daemons
    • turn on zebra and ospfd
  4. cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/vtysh.conf.sample /etc/quagga/vtysh.conf
  5. cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/ospfd.conf.sample /etc/quagga/ospfd.conf
  6. cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/zebra.conf.sample /etc/quagga/zebra.conf
  7. modify above conf files if you want (can leave default)
  8. turn off annoying splash screens in vtysh
    • vi /etc/bash.bashrc
    • export VTYSH_PAGER=more
    • source /etc/bash.bashrc
  9. service quagga restart
  10. vtysh
  11. configure terminal
  12. router ospf
  13. set the ospf id name. Usually set to this machine’s IP (replace <MACHINE_IP> below)
    • router-id <MACHINE_IP>
    • eg router-id
  14. specify networks to route and for what ospf area
    • network <IP>/<CIDR> area <AREA>
    • eg. network area 1
  15. end
  16. copy running-config startup-config
  17. now start watching `show ip route` for the routes to show up from other ospf routers with an O in the front.
    • can also look at `show ip ospf neighbor` to see your ospf neighbors.

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