Matrix Mixer On The Cheap

I wanted a way to mix my audio signals coming from my computer, XBox, and TV into the same audio stream. The device you use to do this is called a matrix mixer. Generally they’re 1000+ USD. But I found a product that’s designed for home recording studios that will do it on the cheap.

Enter the Behringer MINI MON MON800 Ultra-Compact Stereo Monitor Matrix Mixer

Here’s what it looks like:

At around 60 bucks, this is quite the steal. It’ll mix up to four stereo analog inputs into 1 stereo stream that can be outputted on 4 stereo outputs. Two of those outputs (B+C) are controlled by one volume knob, while the other two (Headphone Out and A) have individual volume controls.

So why do you want this? Well now I can listen to some music on my home theater while I play xbox through the same speakers. I also never loose audio signal when my computer turns off the TV. I’ve also mixed my home recording onto one of the channels so I can jam out over the home theater speakers without having to click any buttons on my remote.

Granted, this will only handle stereo setups. I use it on a 2.1 setup. Sounds great over my Boston Acoustics floor standings and a Mirage sub. I can’t hear any degrade in signal from when I was running optical to the Denon Receiver.

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