Autosave untitled/new Notepad++ files

I often type random notes into a Notepad++ new file (AKA untitled). Sometimes these are important notes that I don’t want to loose. Most of the time I remember to save these somewhere, or at least I remember when closing Notepad++. But on one occasion I forgot the save it, and then accidentally clicked ‘No’ when it asked me if I wanted to save the file. Arg. Important notes lost…

But I found the answer. The plugin called Autosave will save these new (AKA untitled) files every X minutes, or when Notepad++ looses focus, or both.

You can get Autosave here:
or here:

Then figure out if you’re using the Unicode or ASCII version of Notepad++ by navigating to the menu bar in Notepad++, clicking the “?” and then going to “About Notepad++”.┬áMost likely you’ll be running the Unicode version. In that case you’ll use the AutoSaveU.dll.

After you know your Notepad++ flavor, grab the respective dll and place it in your plugins folder under the Notepad++ folder. For me this is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins

Then restart Notepad++ and modify the options by going to the Notepad++ menu bar and navigating to Plugins->AutoSave->Options.

I like my AutoSave configured to the following:autosave

One thought on “Autosave untitled/new Notepad++ files”

  1. Had same issue.A few times. I wonder if it can be configured to only handle the untitled tabs? I frequently use old txt files for things but I don’t want THOSE resaved. just the untitled ones.

    What would be nice is a checkbox in each tab to be able to say to auto save this tab.

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